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Uranus sextile Neptune

A New Drumbeat

Kelli Fox

Your friends and loved ones may start viewing the two of you as being a bit of an eccentric couple this year, because there's a new energy to your relationship that inspires you both to live life very much 'outside the box.' And being seen as eccentric is okay now -- it's even a good thing! It lets you know you're on the right track, mentally and otherwise. You're both suddenly interested in leading a much more spiritual, connected existence than you may have been doing.

You might join a spiritual group or do some reading together at home, or you might get into volunteer work that will benefit others. In fact, this energy that's currently influencing you is the kind that could inspire you to found your own nonprofit organization to feed the homeless or provide job-placement services for the unemployed, because you both feel much more in touch with that intangible side of life -- need, desire, hope, love, generosity -- and you want to give of your time and energy to the world. At the very least, you'll both feel more connected at a strange, exciting, emotional level to each other and to your surroundings. Creating artwork and traveling are two good ways to use this energy together.

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