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Uranus sextile Mercury

Getting a New Perspective

Kelli Fox

This year, take a class together in a subject that's brand-new to you both, or if you can afford the time and expense, travel someplace new. You're both craving new knowledge and information, something that will bring you closer to the truth -- that elusive, ever-changing concept. Maybe you've both been feeling too comfortable in your relationship, and now you want to experience something more bold, more raw and real.

Or maybe you're just influenced by the energy that's currently zinging beneath the surface of your connection, sparking up your minds and making you crave intellectual stimulation! Your conversations with each other will be on the probing side of things, because neither of you is satisfied with surface explanations. Together you can discover terrain in your relationship or your lives that you never suspected before -- you just have to open yourselves up to it and talk it out. You may meet new friends this year who will further help you open your minds and revolutionize the way you think about life. It's important to be social now; you have to open yourselves to influences if you want them to affect you in a positive way.

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