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Uranus sextile Mars

A Taste for the Unexpected

Kelli Fox

This period brings the kind of energy to your relationship that will make you both want to quit your jobs, sell off all your stuff and head out together to parts unknown. You want new experiences, new sensations and perceptions, and you're willing to do what it takes to make that happen! Sitting around at home together, flipping channels on the TV, just won't cut it now.

You don't want to go to your favorite restaurant for a dinner date; you want to try someplace new, preferably one that serves its dishes hot and spicy so you can shock your taste buds! Your passion for the new and unusual is stimulated during this yearlong transit, but if you can exercise discipline instead of just following each whim as it hits you, you'll reach greater results over the course of this period. Preserving that taste for creativity and uniqueness but pairing it with focused action can really make projects happen now. Since you're working as a team, be sure to utilize each of your greatest strengths, whatever those might be. Brainstorming goes well now, so listen to each other -- and then put your big ideas into action.

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