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Uranus sextile Jupiter

A Positive Kind of Restlessness

Kelli Fox

A certain restlessness is permeating your relationship this year, but it's not the kind that will make you dream separately of independence. Instead, this is the positive kind of restlessness, the kind that makes you both want to push the boundaries of your relationship, your experience, your very existence, with new philosophies and ideals. New friends who are quite different from you could open your minds to parts of their culture that will inspire you to live your own lives in new ways.

Or, a class that you take together this year could kick off that mental-broadening process. You should take any opportunity that arises now to travel together, to learn new things and make new and interesting friends. Anything that provides a fresh perspective can only be a positive influence on you, as the current energy works to make your minds like sponges and your hearts like cups that are waiting to be filled. You'll notice that your conversations with each other as well as with friends and new acquaintances will reflect this urge to learn, to broaden yourselves, as the topics of conversation range far and wide into areas you may never even have heard of before.

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