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Uranus opposite Uranus

A Year of Questioning

Kelli Fox

If your relationship were human, it would purchase a red, zippy sports car this year and dye its gray hair some vibrant, youthful color. Yep, that's right -- your relationship is going through its very own mid-life crisis, even if you haven't been together long -- and you two are feeling the effects. You're both aware that you're not going to live forever, and neither is your connection.

Have you been taking each other or your bond for granted recently? If so, this period will be even more pronounced, because it injects your lives with a shot of adrenaline, forcing you to face the present and the future at once. Is this what you really want -- the way this relationship is, right at this moment? If the answer is no, take the extra energy this transit provides and use it to create positive change in the ways you relate to each other. If the answer is yes, then reconcile yourselves to the fact that all things, even special ones, must come to an end. Growing old and gray together is a wonderful possibility; don't cloud it by worrying about future loss or change! The best you can do with this energy is to let it help be more proactive and determined about the way this relationship progresses.

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