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Uranus opposite Sun

Finding Your Freedom

Kelli Fox

Remember over the course of this year that any changes that happen are meant to be. Reminding yourselves and each other of that fact may be the only way to get through this difficult period, because you'll be challenged left and right by changes that rock your very idea of what your life together is all about. Even if you've both felt satisfied in the past with your relationship, during this yearlong period, you'll both start to face the fact that you aren't as independent as you'd like to be.

Suddenly, the relationship feels restrictive, and you may both start to do the unpredictable thing instead of what's expected of you -- which, while it may make you feel freer in the moment, could undermine the sense of stability and trust between you. Is it worth it? Make sure you know the answer to that question before you go rocking the boat in any major way. Better yet, find ways to bring change into the relationship in positive ways instead of in ways that disturb the balance between you. Or, if major change is needed in the way that you relate to each other, talk it out calmly with each other. You can get through this period of you want to, and if you both try.

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