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Uranus opposite Saturn

Be Both Brave and Gentle

Kelli Fox

It may seem like one upsetting thing after another happens this year, throwing off the balance of your relationship and making you both wonder if the shared future you've both been envisioning is really going to happen. But don't lose your hopes for your future or your faith in the relationship. Instead, try to think of this period as a test.

A difficult one, to be sure, but one in which you have an advantage -- you get to work together! And teamwork is a real gift in a trying period like this one. Try hard not to turn your frustrations against each other when plans fall through and you're required to change directions on the spur of the moment. Sure, having to rearrange your entire conception of the way things are or ought to be can be annoying, but these upsets aren't your fault or your partner's; they're just the unfortunate byproduct of this challenging, erratic period. You may both have to face problems in the relationship that you've just been coping with or even ignoring up till now; suddenly they'll come to a head, no longer able to be passed off so easily. Be brave, and be gentle with each other and with yourselves.

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