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Uranus opposite Mercury

A Lesson in Quick Thinking

Kelli Fox

This year will be a learning experience for you two; that much is certain. Whether it will be a fun or easy one is another matter entirely, but you can expect it to be eye-opening at least. Someone new may enter your lives who shows you a brand-new way to look at something important -- maybe even the relationship itself -- and the experience of having your perspective so altered could make you both feel very tense and anxious.

All the tension could make you both feel irritable and low-energy, so try to take it easy on yourselves this year. Make sure that you don't take on more than you can handle, either at home or at work. Otherwise, you won't be able to respond to problems with the quickness and ingenuity that this period will require, and it will be easy to feel overwhelmed -- which in turn will make you both feel frazzled and annoyed, and you'll both start to take this out on each other... And so the cycle will go. Go slowly, keep your schedules as clear as possible, and avoid arguments when you can. Try not to jump to negative conclusions regarding your connection with each other, either. Remember, this energy will pass.

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