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Uranus opposite Mars

A Couple of Caged Lions

Kelli Fox

You're feeling like a couple of caged lions, pacing the length of your enclosures, resenting your captivity and looking for any opportunity at all to lash out against those who are keeping you tethered. But...you're tethering each other, aren't you? Your commitment to each other is a bond that you both wanted, and one that you probably don't want to break, even if in the moment you think you're willing to throw it all to the wind just for one fleeting taste of that delicious freedom you crave.

Needless to say, this could be a stressful year. You're both feeling rebellious and excitable, which can be a dangerous combination when it comes to relationships! Rash behavior will only increase the growing feeling of distrust between you, so keep cool whenever possible. Sometimes, though, hostility will leak out on both sides; in those moments when your honey isn't treating you well, your first impulse will be to rise up and strike back. It might be best, though, just to keep your own counsel until the moment passes and you can talk about it more rationally. Above all, don't fight against the changes that come about this year. Whatever changes does so for a good reason.

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