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Uranus opposite Jupiter

Down on the Relationship

Kelli Fox

The next year could be a difficult but interesting one for your relationship. Suddenly, you're both much more aware of wanting to be free and independent, perhaps instead of part of a couple. You're more conscious now of how you're held back by your bond, and less conscious of the ways in which you're supported by it.

Suddenly, that support doesn't matter -- not in the face of your need to get out there and be yourself. This restlessness may not confine itself to your relationship, either. You may suddenly feel like signing that loan application was a bad idea, even though you knew at the time what you were getting into, and for how long. That time-share with coworkers no longer seems like a fun excuse to get away for the weekend; it now seems like a financial burden that's keeping you from visiting all the places you really wish you could go. Try not to let this feeling of restlessness get you down; instead, use it as a catalyst for positive change. If you're feeling detached from each other, sit down together and have an honest talk about your feelings -- or, just wait and see how things go. There's a good chance your restlessness will pass with the current energy.

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