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Uranus conjunct Venus

More Truly, Fully Yourselves

Kelli Fox

The energy that's influencing your relationship this year is the kind that could convince you that it's a good idea to quit your jobs, sell the car and adopt a nomadic, bohemian lifestyle, drifting from one group of friends to the next, one party to the next, reveling in life's pleasures... Sounds fun, doesn't it? Maybe it's not the most practical lifestyle in the world, but you can at least recreate some of those elements to spice up your lives.

You two have a taste for something new and different when it comes to art, social gatherings, even love. This transit marks a good time to purchase artwork or paint the walls of your home a totally different color, or to get involved in something new and dramatic -- your local theater group, perhaps -- that will help you to express this new part of yourselves that's emerging. Your creativity is enhanced now; you might want to write a novel or a play together or start some other project that can utilize both of your brilliant minds. This new, strange energy may affect your relationship itself -- you're certainly both looking for some excitement! Focus on becoming more truly and fully yourselves, and you won't go wrong.

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