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Uranus conjunct Uranus

Marching to Your Very Own Drummer

Kelli Fox

However long you two have been a couple, you've learned a thing or two about love. You no longer feel the need to fly off the handle when upsets occur; you can take them more in stride than you used to. In this relationship, you've stuck together through hard times and your fair share of ups and downs.

And now, you can relax together. You no longer care what other people think of your connection (whew -- what a relief!). If you feel like dancing together on the front porch at seven o'clock in the morning, dressed only in your skivvies, then so be it -- you're all about following your bliss now, and boy, do you deserve it. You can finally live your shared life the way you want to, by the rules that you've made up together -- the ones that work uniquely for the two of you and no one else. Now is the beginning of the time when your relationship will truly be an inspiration, especially to younger loved ones who look up to you and hope to someday find what you two have found. Why not let them in on your secrets of relationship success? The world is your oyster now, so above all, enjoy yourselves.

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