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Uranus conjunct Sun

A Sense of Daring

Kelli Fox

All those limitations placed on you by this relationship suddenly start grating on your nerves during this yearlong transit, and that itchy, restless feeling won't subside until you do something about it -- either on your own or as a team. Whether you'll both want more independence from each other or you'll band together as a unit depends on the nature of those limitations. Are they coming from outside your relationship or within?

If they're coming from somewhere else, such as meddlesome friends or parents who are opposed to your relationship, you two will likely pull together and do something dramatic and unexpected -- something fun and daring that will show them all just how you feel about each other! But if the limitations you perceive originate within your connection itself, this may be a year of learning a brand-new way to be in a relationship together, one that affords both of you a lot more freedom and independence than you've had in the past. The main point of this period is that you both know you're not living life as fully and freely as you could be, and you've finally got the energy and daring needed to do something about it.

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