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Uranus conjunct Saturn

Finding a New Path

Kelli Fox

Your relationship could suddenly feel unstable as a strange wind blows through. For the next year, you're both on uneven footing, trying to keep doing things the way you've always done them but gradually realizing that the old ways just don't work anymore. This may apply to your relationship itself -- perhaps the ways in which you communicate and operate as a couple are no longer satisfying for either of you -- or it may apply to something outside the relationship that you have to figure out together, such as if you own a business or a home together.

All of a sudden, things aren't what you thought they were, and you're not really sure what they are anymore. Adapting to the changes this period brings will likely be difficult, but responding to snafus as a team is definitely the way to go. If you put your strengths together and reassure each other that you're committed to navigating this suddenly rough path, this should actually be a great learning and growth experience for you as a couple. Just try not to let the general feeling of change and newness set you completely off-kilter. Erratic, impulsive behavior will only make things worse.

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