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Uranus conjunct Mercury

Mind Blowing

Kelli Fox

Things are going to get really interesting this year for you two, as your communication gets sharp and inventive and your capacity to understand foreign concepts broadens. During this transit, anything is possible on a mental, intellectual level. If you two have been dreaming of starting some project or business together, now would be the perfect time, because you've got a truly inventive outlook at the moment that ensures you'll do things in a brand-new way, one that no one expects.

You're both open to strangeness and newness now, so traveling to a country that's totally different from what you're used to experiencing will be a really eye-opening experience for you both. If you can't afford the time or funds it takes to physically visit a new place, why not visit it by taking a course or reading a book about it together? You can help each other to see things and make connections that the other missed. Your conversations will be fast-paced as you zing from one topic to the next. Do find ways to stimulate your minds this year, because otherwise, all this extra mental energy could turn into simple nervousness or even argumentativeness.

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