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Uranus conjunct Mars

Mountains or Molehills?

Kelli Fox

Good thing this is a once-in-a-relationship's-lifetime transit, because it's a doozy. Lasting about a year, this period could be a hard one to deal with, because its energy is basically a disruptive one. Your combined energies are about as strong now as whitewater rapids, raging to and fro and all over the place.

You might not even be able to predict the impulses you'll have from one minute to the next! It's a good idea to try to control yourselves during this period, because otherwise, you may do or say things you'll later regret. You'll both feel excitable and irritable under the influence of this energy, and those can easily translate into anger and aggressiveness, given the right stimuli. This could be a year of frequent, sudden flare-ups if you two don't watch how you treat each other, and learn to distinguish the mountains from the molehills. Furthermore, this period will challenge you both to learn what's most important: getting your way every time, or doing what's right for both of you? You'll both want your own way, which could easily devolve into a battle of wills. You'll have to exercise a lot of self-restraint in order to learn the lessons of this period.

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