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Uranus conjunct Jupiter

Opening Up to Possibility

Kelli Fox

This should be a fun and interesting year for you, one in which you make new, unique friends and expose yourselves to ways of thinking and living that you may never have thought of before. You might take a class or read a book together that really opens your eyes to some important, mind-blowing, even life-changing concept, something neither of you has ever really considered before. Or, this eye-opening experience could come in the form of a new group of friends who excite you and show you a new way of doing things.

You may join a political or spiritual group together that's a closer fit with your personal philosophies, because you're both hungry to learn now -- to understand this crazy, compelling world and your own places in it. Travel is highlighted this year for you; get out and away if you possibly can, because experiencing a culture that's different from your own is yet another great way to open your minds to possibilities and lifestyles you've never imagined before. Finally, you may also experience some kind of good luck this year; a project you've been working on together could suddenly come to wonderful fruition. Enjoy yourselves!

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