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Sun trine Venus

Revel in Your Love

Kelli Fox

This ten-day transit is a great time to revel in your love for each other, and to strengthen that bond in some direct and meaningful ways. After all, every couple goes through phases where their attention is distracted; we can't always tune in to each other and romance each other's socks off every day of the month. Good thing, then, that periods like this come around every once in a while, putting us in the mood to honor that loving bond!

Setting aside time for a special date shouldn't be hard this week; you're both feeling amorous, and you'll both catch a little thrill each time you see your sweetie's name on the Caller ID or open your email and find a new message waiting for you. So send those love notes and leave those romantic messages. Now is the time for both of you to be proactive about your love for each other, to reassure each other that what you've got is still special and sacred. Romantic gestures are highlighted now, whether it's a bouquet of roses or a surprise back rub. Beauty and creativity are also highlighted during this period; a great date might include going to a couples' cooking class, a botanical garden or an art gallery.

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