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Sun trine Sun

Enjoying Your Strong Bond

Kelli Fox

Your relationship is a warm and friendly place to be right now. You both feel open, attractive, accessible -- basically, how you wish you could feel every day! So take advantage of this week-long period.

The strengths of your bond are at the forefront now, and you can really enjoy each other's company. You should get along well; even arguments can easily be kept within the realm of fun, friendly debates or gentle, flirtatious ribbing. You should get a lot of pleasure just out of being together, whether you're doing something calm, like watching TV together, or something more active, like going on a date or out with friends. This period can also serve as a really nice respite from any recent stresses, whether they've occurred in your own, personal lives or within the relationship itself. Now you can be happy and calm, and optimistic about the future of your relationship. You can tune in to each other and the bond you've created together. It really is a nice connection you've got, isn't it? And there's a lot of love and affection there between you. So enjoy it! It should be easy now to make a point of exchanging plenty of smiles, kisses and affectionate words.

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