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Sun trine Saturn

Working Together

Kelli Fox

The sense of loyalty between the two of you can really increase during this ten-day period. Suddenly, you're both very conscious of your commitment to each other and to the relationship itself, and you're both feeling solid and stable in your bond. This is a great time to put your heads together and get some serious work done in important areas of the relationship, whether that's paying the bills, fixing or cleaning things around the house or having a serious discussion about something that's important to both of you.

This is also the perfect time to make long-range plans as a couple, because you're both quite realistic about what you can and can't expect out of the relationship. Do you want to travel more as a couple? Get married? Buy a house together, or move to a new city? Have children someday? Whatever your long-term goals might be, you can discuss them now and start making some serious plans. Whatever plans you make now will be good ones, because when you put your heads together, you don't just have an eye for detail -- you've got four! Together you can think realistically now about what you want and how you can make it happen.

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