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Sun trine Pluto

Spring Cleaning of the Soul

Kelli Fox

Whatever issues or problems you face as a couple, this ten-day period could be the one in which you decide to tackle and deal with them as a team, once and for all. As a couple, your drive and determination are increased tenfold now; all of a sudden, you both realize that you've got to either accept the status quo or work actively to change it. Transformation is on your minds; you both realize that things could be so much better; there's always room for improvement, even if they're already really good.

This could apply to your relationship itself, if you've been having any communication issues or other problems; you might choose to have a big talk to clear the air, or even to go visit a couples' counselor to make progress that way. Or, the current energy could apply itself to representations of your relationship -- your home, for example. Anything that needs fixing -- that leaky faucet, that creaky screen door, that broken light fixture -- you can now tackle it together and get it done. And through working together on your home, you'll both feel as if the relationship itself has been renewed and transformed -- kind of a Spring Cleaning of the soul, even if it isn't spring!

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