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Sun trine Neptune

Connecting Intimately

Kelli Fox

This ten-day period would be a great time to plan something on the sly for your sweetie. A surprise party could be fun, but you're probably both more in the mood for a romantic date just for the two of you. Set up the candles, the flowers and the meal and then lead in your honey, blindfolded, for a sweet surprise!

Because secrets and mysteries are especially fun for the two of you right now. You're more tuned in to each other than usual; any signals you're picking up on are probably correct, and definitely merit being taken seriously. When you spend time together this week, take it easy. This is a period for relaxing together; you might even end up taking a nap and dreaming of each other! Isn't it nice to get some low-key, low-energy time to just revel in each other's company? You can talk things over if you need to, if there's anything going on in either of your lives that's been troublesome lately; but it's even more likely that you won't need to talk at all. You both just know what's going on in each other's minds, and you're there to help. Finally, you can also stimulate each other's creative sides now, so get artistic or make that date a trip to the museum.

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  1. Jackie on February 19, 2016 at 11:36 am

    All I ever wanted is for someone to truly LOVE me where we can grow old together. Do you see Marriage in the works?

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