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Sun trine Mercury

A Good Time to Be Heard

Kelli Fox

This week you two should set aside time for some quality interactions, because suddenly, the lines of communication are open. You both feel heard and understood, and you're able to express yourselves well, in a way that's both tactful and direct. If there are any issues that need airing out between you, now is definitely the time; you can talk about potentially troublesome or serious subjects without the usual layers of defensiveness that can often get in the way of good communication.

It's also a good time for less serious matters. Go see a movie together, and then head out afterward for coffee or ice cream and a discussion of what you both saw, heard and felt. Read a book together by chapters, taking turn reading aloud to each other. This is also a great time for fun day trips, so if you can get out and away, you'll have a great time. There's no need to pack CDs for the road; you'll both have a great time just chatting about anything and everything that comes into your heads. And last but not least, this is a good time for any contracts or negotiations that directly involve your relationship. Think marriage licenses, rental agreements and the like. How exciting!

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