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Sun trine Jupiter

Work on a Project Together

Kelli Fox

Your relationship should be a sweet, peaceful haven to revel in during this week-long transit, but don't miss out on the opportunities available to you now by just lazing around together! You can actually put this wonderful energy to good use, if you try. For one thing, you can make some real headway now on resolving any issues that may have been a problem between you recently.

You're both feeling calm and optimistic about your future as a couple, which means you'll be much more open to working together than usual, and far less defensive or pessimistic about where things could go from here. This is your time to work as a team and really shoot for the stars! This can also apply to projects that you work on as a team now. Planting a garden, refinishing an old wardrobe, writing a short story -- whatever it is, you'll be infused with creativity and very open to each other's ideas. In fact, you'll both expand each other's creative energies, broadening things beyond anything either of you could have done on your own. So don't just lie around, feeling good! Get something done that you can both be proud of for a long time to come.

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