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Sun square Venus

Lazy and Affectionate

Kelli Fox

You won't get a lot done together during this ten-day period; when you get together, you'll both just want to revel in your bond. You'll find it hard to focus on anything tedious or mundane, like schoolwork, housework, paying bills or getting to the office on time in the morning. It's so much nicer just to loll around in bed together, cuddling, giggling and whispering sweet words of affection!

But hey, even though you two are enjoying a little renaissance of love, the world's still carrying on around you. In a week or so, you may have to play catch-up on the extra work that piled up while you were ignoring your responsibilities together. Oh well; that happens sometimes. And what fun it is while it lasts! You'll gaze into each other's eyes, each of you feeling like you're staring at the world's most gorgeous person. You could even both put on a few pounds now, because cooking up rich, sumptuous meals or treats together is high on your list, while hitting the gym probably isn't. If there's something that one of you absolutely has to get done this week, you may need to spend some time apart just to make sure you don't distract each other.

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