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Sun square Saturn

Feeling Restrained

Kelli Fox

At the moment your relationship could feel like a source of frustration, friction or limitation, certainly not like the fun, romantic romp that you might both wish it could be. But hey -- you've had your fun, romantic times, and you'll have them again. This period only lasts about ten days or so, and your best bet is just to endure the heavy energy instead of making it worse by worrying about what it all means.

Besides, what you're going through is a very important phase for any relationship: a sort of reality check that will ground the two of you in what your relationship really is capable of becoming, rather than what you hope or dream that it could be. Realizing the limitations of your bond can be a bit depressing, of course -- but if you're to be together for the long haul, it's a necessary period of disillusionment, and one you'll be glad for once you're through it. After all, relationships are work. That honeymoon phase in the beginning can't last forever; and why would you want it to? If the goal is to create a stable bond, to become a true team, a partnership, this period is essential to strengthening that bond and putting your teamwork on the line.

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