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Sun square Pluto

Us Against the World

Kelli Fox

An 'us against the world' attitude is possible now. Things seem difficult; whatever projects you take on together will probably be slow-going. Circumstances could actually conspire at this time to convince you both that others are against your relationship, whether or not that's true.

A friend might dig a little too deeply into the issues you face in your love affair, making you feel uncomfortable and protective of your privacy; or someone close to you, perhaps a family member, might express their reservations about your relationship. In response, the two of you could pull together, or you could actually turn against each other and start doubting the bond yourselves. If those doubts do start to intrude, who's to say whether they're valid or not? Talking to your friends may not help, especially if they're the ones who initially voiced their reservations! It's possible, though, that you're just reading into things others say because really, you both actually feel those doubts, deep down within your own souls. If you can't figure out how to handle it, you'll just have to wait a week or two for things to become clearer, or to come to a head.

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