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Sun square Neptune

In Doubt

Kelli Fox

Suddenly, you might both feel as if the relationship is in doubt -- as if all your plans and goals regarding your future together are tossed up in the air and called into major question. Can you really do the things you've dreamed of doing together? Even your commitment itself suddenly feels like a house built on sand, without a firm foundation.

Good thing this period is relatively short! In a week or so, you'll both feel much more solid in your footing; your clear vision of what you want out of the relationship will return. But for now, you could both feel plunged into confusion -- and the worst part of it is, neither one of you is talking. How can you discuss something so vague and amorphous? But you'll both notice that for now, when you get together, neither one of you seems to be your usual self. You might even feel suspicious of your sweetie, as if they're hiding something from you. If that feeling comes up, remind yourself that they're not hiding anything that you're not hiding yourself -- that is, this sense of vague discomfort with the relationship and where it's going. As long as neither of you attaches too much importance to this feeling, you'll get through it fine.

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