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Sun square Mercury

Practice a Little Patience

Kelli Fox

This ten-day period will test your ability to listen to each other without defensiveness or other filters that can distort what you hear. It will also challenge you to put your own ideas forward in a clearheaded way, because your communication is afflicted now and you'll both have to try extra hard to get things across. That's a tall order, though, so don't be surprised if arguments break out at random, often with only the slightest provocation -- or, seemingly, none at all.

You might say something perfectly innocuous that ends up really ticking your sweetie off. If you're the one who's getting annoyed, remind yourself that it's much more likely due to a misunderstanding on your part than to any ill will on your sweetie's. That's very difficult to do, though; in the moment, you'll probably be so consumed by your own self-righteousness and your hurt feelings that you won't realize till later that you actually misheard what they said. Know that the two of you will probably have trouble agreeing on pretty much everything, for the moment: which movie to see, where to go out to eat, who gets to hold the remote control and so on, up to the bigger, dicier subjects that affect your relationship.

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