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Sun square Mars

Easily Irritated

Kelli Fox

Your relationship might not be the sweet, safe haven that it normally is during this ten-day period. Instead, it could become something of a battle ground. Even if you're each feeling okay on your own, something happens when you get together this week; your energy is sparked up, and not in the best way.

It's as if your hackles just go up whenever you see each other now, and you're both ready to fight to protect...what? That may not be clear to either of you. After all, you've still got the same amount of love and affection that you had last week, and it should come back next week. But this week, you'll feel impatient with each other. You're both on a short fuse, and you'll both try to dominate each conversation and situation that comes up -- even the little things that don't matter. 'Why do we have to watch this TV show?' one of you will say. 'I want to watch this other one!' Or, 'No, I don't want to eat at that restaurant tonight!' You might be better off spending a little time apart, each tending to your own projects. Otherwise, little arguments (or bigger ones) will result, and you'll both feel tired out from all the stress and frustration that's generated.

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