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Sun square Jupiter

Work as a Team

Kelli Fox

Boy, do the two of you have a lot on your plates right now! Your full schedules may make you both feel a bit harried when you get together for some downtime. But with a little care and planning, you'll make it through this phase with few problems.

First off, remember this is just a phase, and not a long one. In a week or two, things should return to normal. For now, if things feel a little hectic, try not to start doubting in the relationship itself. You've just got a lot to tend to, and if you can do it as a couple, so much the better -- you'll get things done faster, and the teamwork will be a bonding experience! Second, be willing to cut some plans if need be, to make time for the essentials. Getting enough sleep at night, regular exercise and regular meals throughout the day is essential; making it to your friend's cocktail party on Thursday night probably isn't. Third, keep your attitudes in check! It would be easy to start tossing off orders and generally trying to control things when you feel like there's too much to do and too little time, but it can be damaging to your relationship, at least in the moment. Tone it down, and don't forget to make each other laugh at least once a day!

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