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Sun sextile Venus

A Sweet Haven

Kelli Fox

You're both full to the brim this week with sweet, soft feelings of affection. Your relationship feels like a nice, safe haven to come home to; you offer each other a lot of tenderness and support now, and it just feels right. If either of you has felt stressed out lately, this week could be just what you need to start feeling good again.

You don't even need to try very hard to romance each other's socks off; this is the kind of period when a foot massage, a few murmured words of affection or a single rose will sweep you off your feet. So spend some time on romance, because your connection will definitely benefit from it. If you live together, this is a wonderful time to buy something new and beautiful together to make your surroundings even more reflective of your bond as a couple. It's a great time to purchase artwork! Or, cook, make a painting or write a short story together. You're even more creative now as a couple than you are as individuals, and activities like these will really strengthen your bond. It's a great time to get together with friends. Invite them over for a dinner party; you'll all have a great time laughing together and enjoying the sumptuous spread.

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