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Sun sextile Uranus

Enjoy Each Other

Kelli Fox

You think you know someone... But then they turn around and surprise you, in the best way! Suddenly, you both realize that there's a lot more to each other and to your relationship than you knew about yesterday.

This ten-day period is all about having your eyes opened in some fun and exciting ways, so don't stick to your normal routine. Get out of the house and do something you've never done before -- try a new kind of cuisine for dinner, or try out a new sport together. Anything active and just a little bit daring would be right up your alley now, because you've both got a taste for excitement. If you do stay in, you can bring that excitement to your intimate moments, trying new ways of showing each other just how much you mean to each other. Ooh, la la! Isn't it fun to realize that you can keep surprising and inspiring each other every day, no matter how long you've been together or how well you think you know each other? You're both truly being yourselves now, and you're inspiring and delighting each other in the process. Anything fun and spontaneous is highlighted: an impromptu day trip, cliff diving, a trip to an amusement park... Just enjoy each other!

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