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Sun sextile Sun

Sweet and Easy

Kelli Fox

Things feel sweet and easy this week. Your bond is a source of pleasure, support and warmth for both of you. Things just feel natural and right.

Any recent tensions that have been bugging you fall away, or at least recede into the background. So take advantage of all the good energy -- get out of the house together for some fun to strengthen and renew your connection. It's the perfect time for a romantic date or to get together with friends for board games, dinner parties or a pickup softball game -- anything fun and active that will make you laugh and bring you closer together! And if there have been any recent tensions marring the surface of your relationship, this might be a good time to address them. It's fine if you want to just enjoy the sweetness of the moment and not discuss heavy subjects, but if you do decide to tackle some little issue between you, you'll both be more receptive now to listening calmly. If an argument results, it shouldn't get too heated, because you both have the best interests of the relationship in mind now. But keeping things simple, sweet and friendly may be your best bet. Every relationship can benefit from a period of warmth like this.

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