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Sun sextile Saturn

Making Progress

Kelli Fox

Now is a great time to make some real progress toward the goals you share as a couple. You're both focused on your responsibilities to the relationship, including communicating well with each other, reaffirming your commitment and making solid, realistic plans for the future. This ten-day period focuses your energies and your mutual commitment in such a way that you can really get things done, if you want or need to.

This is a great time to pay bills, fix something that needs fixing around the house or discuss a serious topic that's important to both of you. If you've been batting around ideas for the future, such as a move, a new home purchase, kids and so on, now would be a great time to talk more in detail and set up some plans. You're both feeling serious and solid, and the relationship feels stable, committed and satisfying to both of you. You're both quite realistic about where the relationship is going, too, and what you can and can't expect out of each other. This probably won't be a period of hearts and flowers and stars in your eyes, but that's a good thing -- you're both levelheaded about where you're going together.

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