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Sun sextile Neptune

Stars In Your Eyes

Kelli Fox

You're extra tuned in to each other during this ten-day transit, at a level that you don't normally get to indulge in and enjoy. You could have experiences like knowing exactly what's going through each other's heads, or picking up the phone to call each other only to find that you're already connected. The current energy is the kind that binds you together at a subtle level and intensifies your sensitivity toward each other's moods and needs.

You can offer each other a lot of sweetness, compassion and support now...and let's not forget the romance! Yes, this is a wonderful time to reaffirm your bond and your love for each other with a little good, old-fashioned lovemaking. A picnic on a hillside at sunset would be the perfect date for you now, or taking a canoe out to a secluded spot on the lake. Anything that lets you enjoy each other's company and get lost together in all the wonderful possibilities of your love is perfect. Yes, you're a little bit idealistic now, and you're putting each other up on a pedestal -- but so what? You can spend the rest of the year being realistic about the limitations of your bond. Now is the time for stars in your eyes.

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