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Sun sextile Mercury

Getting Through to Each Other

Kelli Fox

You can really get through to each other this week. Sometimes communicating can be so confusing, even downright difficult, but right now those pathways are wide open, making it a grand time to put your heads together and connect. If the air needs clearing, make it happen now: You can say what you mean, mean what you say and really get through to each other.

Also take some time this week to take stock of the relationship as a whole, either together or each on your own. Think about what you hoped the relationship would be as compared to what it has turned out to be. Are things going the way you'd hope? Is it turning out to meet or exceed your dreams? Here's hoping that the answers to both are a resounding 'yes' -- but if not, not to worry. This period is perfect for getting things back on track if they've gone off-course. Plan a summit meeting -- er, date -- to get together, connect, talk, make plans for the future and focus on any areas of the relationship that aren't living up to their potential. And finally, remember that things don't have to be so serious! While there's a wonderfully clear-headed energy now, it's also a great week just to make each other laugh.

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