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Sun sextile Mars

Fun, Healthy Competition

Kelli Fox

As long as you're working together, as a team, you can get a lot done during this ten-day period. On your own, one or both of you could be feeling lazy or less than motivated; but there's a certain energy that's sparked up when you're together now, and you can really give each other that little kick in the pants that you might need to get out into the world and get active. This is a great time for just about any kind of project or endeavor as a couple: You could take a trip together, and explore someplace you've never been before; you could go work out at the gym together; you could do a deep-cleaning session at home, each of you tackling a different corner and working together to really make things shine.

It's really up to the two of you. Sports and board games will be especially fun for you now, because there's a fun, healthy little element of competition infusing the relationship that will make both of you put in a little extra effort. Physical activity is highlighted now, so needless to say, this is a great time for a little action in the bedroom. You're both feeling just a bit daring, and you'll challenge each other to take things further than you would on your own.

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