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Sun sextile Jupiter

Spread the Good Feeling

Kelli Fox

If you two happen to have big things planned together during this ten-day period -- a move, maybe, or the culmination of a project you've been working on as a team -- you can expect things to go well, because when you get together, you both just feel positive, as if anything's possible. And that optimistic outlook can really make wheels turn if you put your minds to it! But even if there are no big plans in the works, you can still make the most of this energy just by spending time together, having fun and reaffirming your bond as a couple.

You can offer each other a lot of support right now, because you both feel confident in the relationship itself. This would be a wonderful time to make plans for the future, such as planning a vacation or a joint purchase of something that will make your lives more enjoyable as a couple -- that new plasma TV you've been ogling, perhaps, or something similar. You know what you can and can't afford in terms of time and money, and you're in the mood to treat yourselves and each other. This is also a wonderful time to get together with friends, especially other couples. You can spread all the good feelings around!

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