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Sun opposite Venus

Feeling a Little Needy

Kelli Fox

This ten-day period could be a pleasant, romantic one, or it could bring up some hidden tensions in your relationship -- and the likelihood is that the latter will happen. Every relationship has little problems, after all, and when it comes to dealing with recurring issues, most of us use a combination of talking things out, the occasional argument and sometimes just turning the blind eye. During this period, you'll both want to turn the other way.

Neither one of you is in the mood for an argument or even a discussion about the relationship. And so, if the tension in question is a minor one, you could get through this period with little trouble or incident, and have a lot of fun together. But if it's a bigger issue that you're trying to sweep under the rug, don't expect it to work for long. Things don't have to devolve into arguments or hurt feelings, though. You'll probably want to spend a lot of time together now; you're both feeling a bit on the needy side. But why not get together in groups with your friends? That way you'll have a bit of a buffer zone, and you can talk out any relationship stresses with a close pal before you bring it to your sweetie's attention.

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