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Sun opposite Uranus

Testing Boundaries

Kelli Fox

When it comes to your relationship, you're both feeling just a little bit rebellious this week. And you may end up surprising each other, or yourselves, with your actions and what they reveal about you. Arguments are possible during this period, especially if there are issues in the relationship that one or both of you are growing tired of dealing with.

The current energy is the kind that could make you throw up your hands and say 'Enough! I've had enough!' In fact, deep down, there's a slightly destructive urge within the two of you now, directed toward your bond. Take care not to do something unwise or irrevocable that would negatively affect the relationship from here on out. Instead, keep your acts of rebellion small and manageable. Assert your opinions where you'd normally stay quiet; say where you want to go on your date instead of leaving it up to your honey to decide. And if things aren't happening to your liking, go it alone for a few days. Independence is good now. And in a week or so, when this energy passes, you can come back together with a better understanding of your bond, and what it truly means to the both of you.

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