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Sun opposite Sun

Interesting Challenges

Kelli Fox

Your relationship's various strengths and weaknesses are highlighted now, making this an interesting week-long period. It could be a fun one -- your interest in each other and in the relationship is definitely sparked, whether for better or for worse. There's a good chance that your attraction toward each other will enjoy a little spike now; you could have a lot of fun together, not the least of which might be in the bedroom!

But this could also be a period of irritation or even slight pessimism, if you're not careful about how you treat each other. If either one of you tends toward aggressiveness, expect some mini-power struggles that seem to come out of nowhere. Just when you're getting along great, things could flare up and someone's feelings will get hurt. It doesn't have to be that way, though. If you're conscious of this tendency, you can be extra careful about compromising instead of insisting on having things your way. What's really going on now is that your differences as a couple are being highlighted, and you're presented with a challenge: Can you appreciate your differences as the spice of life, or will you start questioning the validity of the relationship?

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