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Sun opposite Saturn

Not Much Fun

Kelli Fox

If your relationship feels like a cold and lonely place during this ten-day period, try not to lose confidence in your bond. It's just a phase, one that will pass soon enough. But in the meantime, things might not be very fun between the two of you.

This could come from within, or it could be an outside influence that seems to challenge you as a pair. There's a feeling of heaviness now that could sap all the romance right out of things. Trying to communicate about how you're feeling may not alleviate the tension, either; in fact, it may only make it worse. You'll have a hard time getting through to each other, which could make both of you feel isolated. These feelings may be subtly present, or they could actually arise strongly from something that happens during this period -- a conversation about your mutual relationship goals, for example, that reveals the fact that those goals aren't as mutual as you thought. If this occurs, just remember that you are two separate people, though you're joined in a type of unit. You'll always see things at least somewhat differently, and that's okay -- it's actually a good thing. But for now, those words probably won't soothe you. You'll both just have to wait patiently for the current feelings of frustration and pessimism to pass.

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