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Sun opposite Neptune

Go Easy On Each Other

Kelli Fox

You're both feeling just a bit insecure about the relationship this week, because things seem...confusing. Uncertain. All the plans and goals that you've set together suddenly seem to be in flux, and that leaves the two of you -- where?

The truth is, things are no different than they were yesterday. The only thing that has changed is your perceptions, so try not to worry. Things will go back to normal in a week or so, but that may not help much in the meantime. You might both feel very critical of one another, because confusion can often lead to uncomfortable worries and nitpicking behavior. Go easy on each other! If you have any talks about the relationship, be as clear with each other as you can -- easier said than done right now, to be sure. Furthermore, because of the confusion swirling around your bond at the moment, this isn't the best time for legal negotiations or signing any contracts directly involving the relationship. If you have marriage licenses, rental agreements, loans or home purchasing contracts underway, it may be best to put them off till next week if possible, or at least get a third pair of eyes to make sure you're crossing all your Ts and dotting those Is.

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