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Sun opposite Mercury

Agree to Disagree

Kelli Fox

If this week finds you signing any contracts as a couple, such as rental agreements, joint accounts, marriage licenses and the like, make sure that you read the fine print. You're not hearing or reading things clearly, and you might jump into something that you don't fully understand. Indeed, misunderstandings and disagreements are likely now.

Though you're both feeling engaged, interested and expressive, you're also both a little too hasty about spouting off, and neither one of you is listening well at the moment. Since you're both mostly focused on your own point of view, you'll either miss each other's points entirely or you'll slip into a little battle of wills without even meaning to. To circumvent this potentially challenging energy, keep your ears open and your mouths shut as much as possible. That way, you'll pick up on things you would otherwise have missed. If you two are involved together in anything resembling couples' therapy, expect an interesting session. You may have to agree to disagree for now; you can come back to certain subjects later, when your minds are clearer and your hearts are more receptive.

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