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Sun opposite Mars

Arguments Are Likely

Kelli Fox

Confrontations are likely during this ten-day period. Your relationship is feeling far from calm and cozy; instead, when you get together, you're both sparked up and just a bit on edge, even if you felt fine earlier. Neither one of you is being careful at the moment about what you say and how you say it, or how you come across.

And whether you realize it or not, you're both feeling just a little bit competitive when it comes to each other. That feeling could -- and probably will -- make you both behave in ways you normally wouldn't. You'll have short fuses when you're around each other, and lots of little things will set you off; never mind the bigger struggles that will inevitably come up this week! If possible, try to spend some time apart. Teamwork isn't your strongest asset at the moment, so projects that you'd normally work on together, like housework or a board game with friends, won't go very well. Try going it alone, just for now. You'll both get more done apart than you would together, because there won't be that aggressiveness thrown into the mix, creating obstacles in your progress. This energy will pass in a week or so, and then you can work and play together again.

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