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Sun opposite Jupiter

Don't Overdo It

Kelli Fox

The main problem during this ten-day period will be that neither one of you will know when enough is enough. When you're together you'll both just feel so great, so happy and optimistic and indulgent, that you'll egg each other on -- 'Sure, why not buy that expensive wide-screen TV? We'll just put it on credit!' Or, 'Yes, please, give me a third stack of your homemade chocolate-chip pancakes!

Yum!' Needless to say, this kind of behavior can easily lead to indigestion or even strained bank balances and a serious morning-after guilt complex. Now, normally, at least one of you is able to be sensible about things. 'No, honey,' you'll say, 'we really can't afford that right now.' Or, 'Here, why don't you eat this apple instead of that third slice of cake?' But right now, when you two get together, neither one of you is in your right mind! You both feel good and you think the way to increase and extend the good feelings is more, more, more. More food, more shopping sprees, more time lying around in bed together instead of getting in to the office at a reasonable hour... Of course, playing hooky is fun sometimes, as is a spontaneous joint purchase. Just try not to overdo it.

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