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Sun conjunct Venus


Kelli Fox

Ooh, la la -- the two of you should make a point of enjoying this fun, lovey-dovey period, because it lasts less than two weeks. The attraction between you is warm and strong now; you just really like each other. Affectionate smiles and touches feel spontaneous and perfectly natural.

You want to hang out together and enjoy each other's company, and you should do it. Set aside time to be alone together, but also know that this is a great time to get together with other couples and friends; you'll both enjoy the social activity and the energy it creates. If you've been feeling at all distant or overworked lately, this is the perfect time to relax together and revel in the closeness your relationship brings you. And it's a great time for some lovemaking. Long, sensual massages are just the ticket; so is playful fun in the bedroom! You may not get a lot done together now in terms of mundane, day-to-day things like cleaning the house and paying the bills -- and in fact, a shopping spree together is much more likely. But that's okay; you need little periods like this sometimes, to rejuvenate your positive feelings for each other.

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