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Sun conjunct Uranus

Feeling Sparked Up

Kelli Fox

Hmm, this ten-day period could go either way. It could be really fun, a time when you're both feeling sparked up, spontaneous and ready for anything new and fun...or it could verge into the arena of a little too much instability, and could actually lead to arguments and other mini-flare-ups that undermine the solidity of your bond. It's all in how you handle this energy, which will certainly fire things up between you, one way or another.

This would be a great time to go on an impromptu day trip, or do something together that you've never done before. Something a little bit daring would be just the ticket, like skydiving or bungee jumping! But you might be inclined to do something really risky together, like eloping or deciding to move in together. Just try to be careful; sudden moves can often lead to regrets later. Think it through before you act. For now, smaller ways of tasting the unusual side of life would be better: Go see a foreign film together, and then discuss it over a meal of ethnic cuisine that neither of you has ever tried before. Anything more major than that could end up being disruptive to your relationship, instead of a fun way to do something new together.

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