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Sun conjunct Saturn


Kelli Fox

This ten-day period is all about taking care of business as a team. You probably won't have too many romantic moments, or even much downtime in general; this is a period for focusing on your responsibilities, not for canoodling. And that's okay.

When you're together, you're both feeling serious, not goofy and flirty. Whatever needs to get done -- cleaning the house, paying the bills, making major decisions about the future -- can get done now. Make sure that you're both contributing, though, and that neither one of you is having to pull more than your fair share of the weight. That's what relationships are all about, after all: having a partner who can take some of the burden off of you, and returning that favor. As long as you're both contributing your own strengths, you'll do fine. This is also a good time to reaffirm your commitment to each other, in a serious and meaningful way. This could mean simply reassuring each other about how you feel and what your hopes and intentions are for the relationship, but it's likely to take on a more realistic tone. You're both aware of the strengths and limitations of the relationship now, and this is a time to accept them.

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